The Amgen Field Medical Global Award is an award established in 2019 to recognize the important role that field-based medical advisors play within a leading innovative pharmaceutical company such as Amgen. This involves, among other things, contributing expertise in both medical and strategic issues in various parts of the business, nationally and globally, and ensuring a trusting relationship with care. The latter is particularly important in the context of clinical trials that enable more Swedish patients to gain earlier access to the latest treatments. In this context, Sweden is counted in the so-called ELMAC region (Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Canada), where just over 150 medical advisors have been nominated for a total of seven awards.

Arash Hamidian is awarded the award for several of his efforts during the year, not least for his cross-functional collaboration with Amgen's global study organization, GSO. His efforts in this area have, in addition to valuable contributions to GSO's work, also been central to the fact that a number of clinical studies in various therapeutic areas could be relocated to Sweden.

The award is an extremely honorable receipt that my work is just as important as I myself have always perceived it to be, he says. And it feels particularly good that I received such strong support from my competent colleagues, led by my manager and mentor Sandra Eketorp Sylvan - this is truly a team victory for Sweden!

Through Arash Hamidian's close collaboration with Swedish expertise in healthcare and academia, Amgen, together with researchers, among other things, has been able to produce invaluable so-called real world data in critical areas that have also been presented at international congresses.